My name is Bev Downie. I am an animal lover and have had animals in my life as long as I can remember. Personally I have had to make end of life decisions for my own horse and more recently my adored black Labrador, Gillie and I hope this site will be their lasting legacy.

I am trained as an End of Life Doula and I believe that we are incredibly fortunate to be able to spare our much loved animals the indignity of a painful death.

I am not a vet and I am not able to give veterinary advice. I think at this time, it is often better to hear from people who have been in your position, which is why I have made this site.

My aim for this website is to provide information that will help to make informed decisions and to demystify the process of euthanasia to prevent suffering in aged or unwell animals. This is a site that will develop over time with input from hopefully all over the world.

In memory of Gillie 8th April 2009 – 23rd April 2020