• Dog
  • Fudge

    Fudge, she was a typical labrador! Loved her food, loved our food, loved walks, loved people and loved life. She was the bestest friend, the glue to our family and loved more than she will ever know. We used to holiday in the Lake District and she loved swimming in the fresh water, running ahead […]

  • Dog
  • Taos

    Taos was five years old when I adopted him from Battersea.  He had been a stray in London.  He had skin and ear allergies, hip dysplasia, arthritis, a sensitive stomach and anal fistulas. I was aware what I was taking on and after a year the fistulas were gone and I managed to deal with […]

  • Dog
  • Gillie

    What can I say about Gillie? He was my best friend and the most loyal companion I could ever have wished for. He made me laugh every day with his antics. He could sense when I was down and would always try to comfort me or cheer me up. In his eleven years, he was […]

  • Dog
  • Jericho

    Impossible as it may seem to condense 12 wonderful years into a few short paragraphs, I’ll try. Jericho was a real life Scooby Doo, spooked by sudden noises and yelping at the slightest touch. While out for a walk he was spooked by a cat jumping on a dustbin and actually moved from my husband’s […]

  • Dog
  • Dylan

    Dylan was one of a kind and as we loved him he loved us in return. He was known as squeaker when born as he did not want to be put down or be left. He would continue to make this little noise when, for example, I might go into a shop whilst on his […]

  • Dog
  • Lottie

    Lottie was the most gentle,  beautiful soul, she was my best friend but sadly passed away on 18th May 2020 age 9 years due to kidney failure. She was so brave and I miss her cuddles (she literally climbed on my knee and buried her head into my chest). I know I’ll never have such […]

  • Dog
  • Luna

    Luna was a superstar! She had bad joints from a young age but fuelled on pure zest for life she ignored pain and discomfort and insisted on agility,  gundog training, rally obedience fun, playing with friends and much, much more! She cost me a fortune in disability aids, pet insurance,  competition entries, surgeries and memory […]

  • Dog
  • Murphy

    Not my first dog, but if you believe in canine soulmates, he was mine.  Get a dog, said the consultant as I was recovering from broken leg and ankle held together with pins and plates.  It will make you walk everyday!   We got Murphy when he was about 6 months old.  He was a […]

  • Horse
  • Weenie (Emerald Lady)

    To say weenie was a pet doesn’t do the situation justice, she was a member of my family and my best friend. She was an amazing horse, we competed in dressage and spent hours out riding together, getting lost in the woods. She was there when my dad died, she provided me a reason to […]