Dylan was one of a kind and as we loved him he loved us in return. He was known as squeaker when born as he did not want to be put down or be left. He would continue to make this little noise when, for example, I might go into a shop whilst on his annual Cornish holiday which he loved.

He hated water, never chased a rabbit, growled or had a bad bone in his body. As a puppy he would sleep on myself nuzzled into my neck. This continued until he was eleven! 

Dylan was never poorly so it was a huge shock when he had a seizure one day completely out of the blue. We took him to the vet immediately and tried medication. Still worried we took him to a specialist. Scans, x rays, blood tests etc all came back negative. Dylan had two further seizures. The last being awful. He lost his spark, his eyes became dull and he looked sad and so so tired.

Dylan was euthanised by a lovely vet and veterinary Nurse who had know him since he was a Puppy. I cannot begin to tell you how painful that Thursday morning was. But we believe he told us that morning that he had to leave and as we loved him so much we could do this final thing for him.

Two years on, there is not a day I do not think of him. I miss him with all my heart but know that he is happy and I will meet him again one day.
It is the hardest decision you may have to make but I am certain our Pets tell us somehow. What a gift we are able to give them too. 

We must think of them and if their quality of life is changing. They deserve the best life and we must put them first. Yes you will miss them and the pain unbearable but time will help. There is no time limit either to feel better. Dylan is always with me and I love him dearly.