Impossible as it may seem to condense 12 wonderful years into a few short paragraphs, I’ll try.

Jericho was a real life Scooby Doo, spooked by sudden noises and yelping at the slightest touch. While out for a walk he was spooked by a cat jumping on a dustbin and actually moved from my husband’s right hand side to his left, putting daddy in the way of danger.  Another highlight was when he was jumping on our bed, he stretched out and one of my pillows toppled over and fell onto his front legs, and he yelped.

But I’ve never known a smarter dog in my life. We went on holiday two years ago and took him with us for the first time.  He didn’t really settle. Anyway the night before we came home I said to him, “Cheer up, boy, we’re going home tomorrow!” He went outside to the car and sat down at the passenger door.

He had such a beautiful nature, he loved people and attention. One regular visitor was terrified of dogs. It took some convincing her to meet him, but we encouraged her to give him a biscuit and all of her fears were set aside.  She even bought herself a puppy because he had been so gentle. 

He really was a gentle giant.

It’s the hardest decision you ever have to make as a pet owner. Dogs,  particularly, because they make the effort to adapt to what you want them to be. It’s in their nature to make you happy, but those last minutes really do break your heart.

There are no words to console you and only time heals the pain.  But as long as you are doing it for the right reasons, to spare them from pain, you have a some consolation.