Lottie was the most gentle,  beautiful soul, she was my best friend but sadly passed away on 18th May 2020 age 9 years due to kidney failure.

She was so brave and I miss her cuddles (she literally climbed on my knee and buried her head into my chest). I know I’ll never have such a loving dog like Lottie again but I do really feel she is always around me in Spirit and that’s a great comfort ?

Be guided by your pet, I knew when Lottie’s tail stop wagging that she had had enough. Also, if you can be there at the very end just to comfort them and ease their transition then do.

Honour their need for quiet and space if they are very poorly at the end, allow children to quietly say their goodbyes but explain the need for your pets peace and quiet too.

I know it may sound silly but at the end I told my girl she could go and I would be ok, I felt she was hanging on because we shared such a strong bond. I also kept some fur and had a beautiful ring made by fromthetailjewellery and I put her collar around a plant pot in my lounge with her framed photo next to it.

Give yourself time to grieve too. I hope this helps anyone reading this x