Taos was five years old when I adopted him from Battersea.  He had been a stray in London.  He had skin and ear allergies, hip dysplasia, arthritis, a sensitive stomach and anal fistulas.

I was aware what I was taking on and after a year the fistulas were gone and I managed to deal with his other health problems.  

Two years ago, he was diagnosed with late-onset epilepsy and that was controlled by medication.

He then began to limp badly during lockdown and the vet told me over the ‘phone that I should give him painkillers, but the limp worsened and after an x-ray the vet found he had a broken leg due to bone cancer.

He was eleven when I had to make the horrible decision to let him go.  There was an option of chemotherapy, but as I had been through this I knew it was far from pleasant and wouldn’t put my boy through that.  

With everything he had been through, he was still the sweetest boy and loved humans and other dogs equally.  I miss my boy every day and hope that he is now with my late husband and our other adopted animals who have passed.

Always remember whatever decision you make it comes from a place of love.