Weenie (Emerald Lady)

To say weenie was a pet doesn’t do the situation justice, she was a member of my family and my best friend. She was an amazing horse, we competed in dressage and spent hours out riding together, getting lost in the woods. She was there when my dad died, she provided me a reason to carry on and a warm neck to cry into.

If you are thinking about it, you probably know deep down it’s the right thing to do. Weenie was on medication to control her problems, but slowly things progressed and the dose had to be increased and increased again.

Don’t let people make you feel guilty, the animal might sense you are unset but they don’t know they are going to die. The one that suffers will be you, but know you had the best interest of the animal as your driver for making the choice. Never let people make you feel silly for your grief either, pets become family, friends and for some a comfort and support you can’t always get from another person.

Plan the day well, have everything ready and know what you are going to do after, if you want to be alone or if you want to go off and distract yourself with something. It’s going to be a hard day and it won’t end there, but remember they no longer suffer any pain and take comfort in that